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Assisi List Tables

Assisi has a number of "list" tables that are designed to restrict values to a predefined list. For example, Trees.Silviculture values must be defined in the AllowedSilviculture table before Trees.Silviculture can be set. List tables begin with the name "Allowed" as in "AllowedSilviculture".

List Tables

List tables mostly have the same fields. Some have additional fields so other forestry systems can be imported or exported easily.

Title Field– This will be the name of the field such as "Silviculture". "Title" values are what are actually stored in the data tables, not Code or ID. Use titles that are descriptive but short. Titles, as well as Code and ID and Enum must be unique for every entry.

Code – Alpha code. Many use alpha codes in the field. Must be unique.

ID – Integer code. Others use numeric codes in the field. Must be unique.

Description – Lengthy description.

Enum – An all caps, no space text code. Used internally by Assisi. Must be unique.

Use Your Definitions

List tables can be filled with whatever titles, codes or ID's you want to use. Start by defining your codes that you want to use, then import your data. If later you want to change the spelling of a title, the spelling will propagate to the data fields so that connections are not lost. Code and ID are only stored in the list tables so these can change as needed although you may have import or export tools that use Code or ID to be aware of.

Importing List Fields

When importing list type fields, you can use the "Title" field, Codes or ID's. CSV and Assisi Cruise sheets use mappings that look like [Title], [Title]Code or [Title]ID. For example, species can be imported using "Species" or "SpeciesCode" or "SpeciesID" mappings.

Importing and Export to Other Systems

Other forestry systems define codes using their own logic. Many list tables have additional fields for mapping to these systems. If you expect to use FVS for example, you can enter FVS codes in some of the Assisi list tables so that mappings can be done when importing. You could also just use FVS codes within Assisi.

Be aware that other systems may have definitions that map to more than one Assisi field or cause specific model behavior. For example, other system damage codes may include various types of snag damages that trigger snag processing within those models. In Assisi, snags are flagged using the Trees.IsSnag field while damage definitions are set in Trees.Damage. It is sometimes the case that importing from or exporting to other systems requires complex mappings.

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