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Assisi Cruiser Mobile Data Collection

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Assisi Cruiser

Assisi Cruiser is our mobile field collection app that works hand in hand with Assisi Forest.

Assisi Cruiser Opening Screen

Easy Navigation and Editing

Assisi Cruiser works closely with Assisi Forest using lists, settings and even prior cruise data from Assisi Forest. Navigation is easy and data can be entered using both table and single item edit screens.

Single Tree Edit Screen in Assisi Cruiser.

Tree List Edit Screen in Assisi Cruiser.

Configure Assisi Cruiser's Fields

Fields in Assisi Cruiser are configurable so that Assisi Cruiser screens only show the fields you are actually recording for. Fields are configured unique to Cruise Designs and each Cruise design can have its own set of fields. For example, if you are doing a grade based cruise, you can create a Cruise Design named "Grade Cruise" where log length, sort and grade fields are shown. If your cruise is an inventory type cruise, you might create a Cruise Design with only species, DBH and total height shown.

Assisi Cruiser with Grade fields showing (left) and Assisi Cruiser with Height fields showing (right).

Setting up Assisi Cruiser fields is easy using the Cruise Design Editor in Assisi Forest. Assisi's built in documentation editor allows both choosing which fields are displayed and documenting the Cruise Design in the same document.

Assisi Cruiser fields are conveniently setup by editing the Cruise Design document right in Assisi Forest's Cruise Design Editor.

Use Species Codes, Grade Codes, Lists from Assisi Forest in the Field

Assisi Cruiser works closely with Assisi Forest so that you can use the same codes and lists in the field that you use in the office. Assisi Forest Cruise Designs, Calibrations and Markets are all exported to Assisi Cruiser along with their lists of sub plots, species, grades, sorts and quality codes. When you choose a Calibration, you see the species setup in that Calibration in species pickers. When you choose a Market, log sort and grade choices for that market and tree species show up in drop downs.

Similarly, plot codes such as forest type, silviculture, land type, cover, soil and more and Tree codes for species, damage, vigor, history and more are all transferred from Assisi Forest and made available as list selections in Assisi Cruiser. Using the same codes in both the office and in the field significantly reduces data entry errors in the field.

Lists of Species, Sorts, Qualities, Grades and more are generated from exported Assisi Forest data.

Field Data Storage on Device

Assisi Cruiser stores data in a database locally stored on your mobile device. There is no need for an internet connection as Assisi Cruiser works entirely offline. You can have many databases on your device with each database storing many cruises. Databases can be easily transferred to and from your desktop by email or through a cloud location such as Google Drive.

The data file format is industry standard SQL Lite, making it easy to import to other databases or use Assisi Cruiser field data in other applications.

Assisi Cruiser stores data in an industry standard SQL Lite database, shown here in SQLite Studio.

Import and Export

Import and export to Assisi Cruiser is easy using Assisi Forest's Import and Export Tools.

The Export Tool creates new Assisi Cruiser databases with all the codes, lists, Cruise Designs, Calibrations and Markets you need in the field. The Export Tool also exports existing cruise data from Assisi Forest into Assisi Cruiser databases making check cruising or periodic re-measurement cruising easy.

Assisi Forest's Assisi Cruiser Export Tool.

Assisi Forest's Import Tool is used to import data from Assisi Cruiser databases. Because all the codes and list items for Assisi Cruiser are from Assisi Forest, field entry errors are significantly reduced.

Assisi Forest's Assisi Cruiser Import Tool.


User configurable, clear navigation, easy editing and database reliability, Assisi Cruiser together with Assisi Forest will bring significant reliability and efficiency to both your in the field cruise efforts and your in the office inventory results.

Rich Howard

Assisi Software Corp


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