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"Assisi was able to understand our complex business processes and help us translate our data into meaningful information.  Assisi has proved invaluable in taking complex data from multiple sources and displaying it in an open and understandable way.  We are able to see the data inputs/outputs, configure the software, and use the results to make informed business decisions. Overall we have a solid science based Inventory system”

Eric Cohen, Resource Forester at Port Blakely Tree Farms.

In 2009, Port Blakely Tree Farms decided they needed a new program to compile cruise data and manage their growth and yield modeling for their forest lands in Washington and Oregon.  After looking at several products, Port Blakely decided to use Assisi Software due to the superior analysis capabilities, inventory growth projections, data transparency, ease of use, import/export capabilities, and the ability to perform the work in-house.  Now, Assisi gives them the ability to easily import/export data to and from their forest information systems. They can provide growth and yield projections not only for the current inventory but also for future harvesting plans based on projected yields.  Assisi has taken the complex process of compiling data and projecting future inventory and made it a simple, easy to use process.  Another benefit they have found is Assisi’s ability to use multiple growth models, sub samples, different cruise designs, and take data from multiple sources and incorporate it into one user interface with advanced reporting capabilities.  For example, they can now import cruise data and create reports used to make decisions on how much volume to send to mills or to export based on individual tree characteristics. Assisi also gives them information foresters need to make management and marketing decisions, as well as the ability to accurately value their property and business.

Green Diamond Resource Company is a fifth-generation, family-owned forest products company.  They own and manage 1.3 million acres of working forests in California, Oregon and Washington.  Green Diamond needed a way to validate their data and look at alternative growth models.

Before using Assisi, they only had complicated and difficult methods of looking at and processing data using the ORGANON growth model.   Assisi provided the solution with the ability to easily import large amounts of data from other software and present the data in an understandable, user-friendly way.  Green Diamond was then able to efficiently and insightfully use their data to better understand their inventory and create alternative growth model scenarios.

"Assisi takes our data, allows us to manipulate it and view it in a clear and concise manner.   We can easily import data from other software.  Assisi provides output we can actually use to validate and compare growth models.”

Bob Rogers, Forest Inventory Manager at Green Diamond Resource Company

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