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Assisi Software Forest Management Systems

Assisi Compiler

Comprehensive Timber Survey and Cruise Compiler

Assisi Compiler is the most flexible and easy to use timber survey software available.  There are many ways to measure a forest.  Don't be limited by your forestry software to only a small set of survey designs.  Assisi Compiler includes the variety of volume, value, taper, site, measurement and survey options proper timber surveys require.  If you want the flexibility to choose the best cruise designs for your projects, we think Assisi Compiler deserves a close look.

Assisi Inventory

To carry and ongoing inventory of forest resources requires not only compiling forest surveys to create an inventory, but updating that inventory for management activities and tree growth.  Assisi Inventory carries a forest inventory that is updated as harvests occur and grown forward each year to give the best possible estimate of your current standing timber.  With all the features of Assisi Compiler, Assisi Inventory will both compile an inventory and estimate growth to a future date.

Forest Survey, Inventory and Growth Projection

Assisi Manager

Assisi Manager is our "field to future" product, combining all the survey and inventory features of Assisi Inventory with long term planning and simulation.  An all inclusive product, Assisi Manager is designed to keep both a ongoing inventory of your forests as well as help you create and simulate long term management plans.

Forest Inventory, Planning and Simulation

Assisi Enterprise

Forest Survey, Inventory and Growth Projection

Assisi Enterprise brings all the features of Assisi Manager to an entire organization.  With Assisi Enterprise there is a single database with everyone working off of the same field, inventory and planning data.  User locking allows each user to prevent others from making changes while working on data.  Program scripting is available to create complex and routine analyses as well as custom reports in any C# compatible tool like Excel or Word.  With SQL Server and Assisi Enterprise, you have the ultimate in productivity, access and customization.

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