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Assisi Inventory

Forest Inventory and
Growth Projection



Forest surveys typically cover only a portion of a landscape every year so forest inventories require a way to project older cruise data forward to the current year.  Assisi Inventory provides the answer with integrated growth models. Its models project growth and simulate past management to give you up to date estimates of your current inventory.

Assisi Inventory includes all the timber analysis of Assisi Compiler, all the forest surveys of Assisi Resource and adds growth models for inventory projection.

  • ORGANON - Published by Oregon State University for use in the US Pacific Northwest.

  • Acadia - US Northeast and SE Canada implementation of University of Maine growth models.

  • NE TWIGS - US Northeast implementation of historic FVS models.

  • User Defined - User entered equations for height, diameter, crown, site index and others.  Many growth models can be entered by hand as needed.

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