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Field and Inventory Data Editing in Assisi Manager 2010

I wanted to share a little about the new Field Data and Inventory Editors in Assisi Manager 2010. The Inventory Editor of Assisi Inventory 2006 is very similar, but the new versions will have significant advantages.

Field Data Editor

The Field Data Editor works the same as the Inventory Editor found in the Assisi Inventory although with a few more features:

There is now a mapping component for showing locations of stands, plots, trees etc. Thematic maps that color code density, volume or value can be made. For example, the map above shows the inventory year for each stand. Green is 2007 and red is older than 1980. Table editing is more advanced with support for filtering, grouping and navigating to sub levels (trees in plots for example). And course the usual drag and drop and cut and paste is available as before.

Inventory Editor

Since planning operates on the inventory level rather than the field data level, a new editor has been added to browse actual inventory rather than field data:

The Inventory Editor operates very similar to the Field Data Editor however the right hand pane now shows the results of compilation not field data. For example, the above is showing the stand table for stand 010109 after it has been compiled. Again, mapping is readily available right in the editor so that creating layers and thematic maps is easily done.

Silvicultural History Records

New to Assisi Manager is the recording of historical management actions:

History records include any action taken on a stand or the ownership and include details: such as the type and method of the action; documents: such as pictures, scanned and word processing documents and the income or expense involved. For example, the above screenshot shows four actions that were stored for stand 010101. The history records will be combined with your management plan actions to show the past as well as the future performance of your lands.

We are excited about the progress made and of course would love to hear your comments!

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