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The Assisi Stand Simulator

Built on the powerful Assisi forest simulation engine, the Stand Simulator adds a straightforward interface to give you an easy way to explore forest management options and create forestry prescriptions. Just drag a stand from the Inventory Editor, add actions to the time line and press run. A simulation runs and charts fill with results.

Assisi Forestry Software Thinning Regime

40 years of species BA with Clearcut, Replant and Thin.

Assisi Forestry Software Thinning Response

Current and historical BA versus DBH during thinning. Each bar is an individual tree. Vertical drop indicates thinned BA.

Create Stand Prescriptions

As you explore different forest management scenarios by moving actions around on the time line, a prescription is created that can be saved and re-used later in full multiple stand simulations.

Assisi Forestry Software Thinning Prescription

Management actions can be dragged within the timeline.

Explore Thinning Regimes

Assisi has powerful tools for creating thinning rules and now the Stand Simulator can be used to explore in detail the results. Use the Thinning Rules Editor to create stand, species and diameter based thinning rules. Target BA, TPA, crown, volume. Thin from above, below, even or per tree. Set leave or remove targets using amounts or percents.

Assisi Forestry Software Diameter Thinning

The thinning rule for the above BA thin. Douglas fir is targeted by diameter, hardwood by amount of BA to leave and Grand fir is completely removed.

After a quick change to a thinning rule, rerun the simulation and see the new results.

Scenario with no thinning.

Scenario with hardwood reserves.

Scenario with commercial thin.

Depth and Detail

Of course all the calculations are being done with the powerful Assisi simulation engine. Assisi's engine uses well known and publicly available forest models. When designing a management plan, seeing in detail what these models are estimating is important. The Stand Simulator gives you that ability. Look at stand averages, species averages or individual trees. View increments to see how much growth the models are predicting each year. Zoom and filter on BA, TPA, RDI, Crown,Height, Volume units and more.

  • Curious about how ORGANON models mortality? Look at TPA increments at when SDI exceeds 350.

  • How well does NE TWIGS model young growth? Zoom in on recently planted trees.

  • How much does thinning increase the growth rates of remaining trees? Focus on DBH increments.

And of course being a part of Assisi Manager, our full featured forest inventory and management planning program, all of the great tools for field survey compiling, regional calibration and forest growth projection are available. Use the Rules Editor for creating plantings and thinnings. Use the Calibration Editor for customizing growth models for your region. Stratify your forest survey data to calibrate to your lands. And of course all the powerful compilation abilities such as sub sampling, double sampling and complex suvey designs are available.

With Assisi's Stand Simulator you have a new and easy way to explore your forest!

Rich Howard

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