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Assisi Forest 2024 Updates

Updated: 1 day ago

A list of the more important changes made to Assisi Forest during 2024. Smaller bug fixes and interface enhancements are not generally listed.

ModelGroup Field Added to Calibration Species


ModelGroup is a text field to group species models within a calibration. Many model systems group species that are similar to increase model performance. For example "Cottonwood & Aspen" or "Soft Hardwoods" or FVS species group codes. Because groupings may differ across different calibrations or region, ModelGroup is most appropriately added to the CalibrationSpecies table rather than the Species table.

Stump Equation Moved out of Taper Equation


The Stump DIB equation has been a part of the Taper equation for a long time. Meaning, you have to set stump equation coefficients when you set taper equation coefficients. Only Walters and Hann and Hann taper equations required formal stump coefficients. Most other simply use DBH and BTR to calculate stump DIB.

With this version Stump is now its own equation with options for Walters & Hann, BTR or mapped just like most other equations.

Jenkins Carbon Equations Updated 2024.1.1 Assisi has implemented the Jenkins (2003) carbon equations but as parsed equations rather than source code. Jenkins is now implemented in source code.

Additional Carbon Fields Added 2024.1.1 Assisi calculates carbon in component parts: above ground tree, stem, branch, bark, foliage and root. Results are stored to both inventory and simulation tables.

SummaryByStand and SummaryByYearTree tables now have all carbon component parts and the current "Carbon" field name was changed to "CarbonTree" for clarity.

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