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The Assisi User Experience

Assisi Software is all about making our programs a productive and fluid experience. We want you to be concentrating on forestry questions not user interface questions. With this version we are taking a big step forward toward meeting that goal. Here are a few examples of the enhanced interface you will be enjoying.

Dockable Windows

Every editor and viewer in Assisi can be docked, layered or even brought outside the application so that you can create the space you need to get your job done.

Table Editing

When you need to edit data blocks at a time, Assisi’s tables provide the flexibility you need. Fields can be moved and removed. Rows can be sorted and filtered. Blocks of cells can be cleared and edited at once. Copying a block of data to Excel is even a simple cut and paste operation.

Copy and Paste

With Assisi, table editing includes not just field data but inventory results, species calibrations, management plans and more. You can for example, copy an entire management plan simulation results to Excel by using copy and paste.

Drag and Drop

Moving field data around the inventory or creating copies of field data is easy with drag and drop operations. Simply select items in the tree view and drag them to a new location. If you drop with the shift key down a copy is made.

Import & Export

Editors in Assisi now have direct import and export ability making saving field data, cruise designs and management plans to external files easy. Sharing data becomes a simple email with attachment. For example, say you have customized a calibration with your own volume a growth equations and wish to send it to another Assisi Manager analyst. Simply click the calibration in the Calibration Editor, press export and enter a filename. The file, an XLM file, can be sent as an email attachment. The analyst then clicks the Import button, finds the file and he’s done. The entire calibration is now in his version of Assisi and ready to be used.

SQL Server and Access

Assisi can use SQL Server, Access or SQL Express databases for its data storage. When you grow out of Access, moving to SQL Server is now a simple process.

Integrated Remote Support

Remote desktop support is our primary way of helping you with your immediate needs. Remote desktop is integrated right into our programs and is a simple help menu click away. The connection is a request from you to us rather than from us to you, so under most security scenarios remote support is allowed through your firewalls.

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