Inventory Expansion


Inventory Expansion is the process of copying inventory from one stand to another. The source and destination end up having the same content: trees, species, cover, etc. Expansion it typically done for stand not yet cruised or when the source inventory is stratified and the destination inventory is polygonal. (Is that a word?)

Defining Expansions

The process in Assisi starts with adding Expansion records to stands. Expansion records are kind of like Cruise records in that both specify what the source of an inventory is. For a Cruise, the source is a cruise. For an Expansion, the source is another stand's inventory.

Define Expansions as you would Cruises using the Field Data Editor.

Note that each Expansion defines the source unit and stand as well as overrides for the stand's growth year, total and breast height age. After the expansion is processed,the destination stand will have the same inventory but different growth year and age if the overrides are set.

Processing Expansions

Expansions are processed like growth is processed: select stands (shift click) and press the Expand button:

Expansion does not compile cruise data so selected plots are ignored. Each source stand should already have an inventory. Whether cruised or grown, whatever the source stand's inventory is, it will be copied to the destination stand.

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