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Dec 31, 2016

Validation of Errors vs Warnings

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Just wondering if the validation differentiates between Errors (things that MUST be fixed) vs Warnings (things that might be OK , but just look funny). Would the compiler still be allowed to compile data even though there might be Errors in the data (vs a bunch of warnings)?

Dec 31, 2016

Hi Brian, See my other answer for other types of validation, but here is an excerpt for this particular question: Operation Validation When performing operations like compiling, growing and simulating, Assisi has two levels of validation: Warnings and Errors. Warnings occur when a calculation is suspect, but does not prevent the operation from proceeding. For example a taper calc that puts a merch height at something other than what was measured. Many warnings change the result of the suspect calc to null or 0. In the above example, merch height is lowered if the taper says its less than measured. Warnings appear as gold text in the Progress Viewer during an operation, but the operation continues and the results are saved. Errors on the other hand occur when a calculation cannot continue. For example a required measurement or coefficient is missing. Errors stop the operation for the stand being processed and a red text line appears in the Progress Viewer. No changes are made to the database for that stand, but the process continues for other stands when compiling or growing. A error during simulation will most likely cause the simulation to stop. Rich

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