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Dec 31, 2016

Tree Defect Field Type

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I need to add a TreeDefect catagory to the trees table and possibly an allowed TreeDefect table to be associated with it. Trees with defect would be recorded in the field as a percent and then c, n or x. c for cull, n for nonmerch and x for missing. For example a tree with a broken top would have its % missing estimated in the field and then coded 20x in the field computer, for 20% missing. or if it were cull, "20c" , and "20n" for 20% nonmerch. This is how FORSEE removes volume from damaged trees. I am trying to get the two programs to accept similar field data so its easy to setup FORSEE import data files. I will be importing field data using Assisi, and then exporting tree, stand and site data into a FORSEE upload file. I saw there was a defect item in the trees table but was unable to configure it. Any ideas?

Also, hows about a "Snags" subplot type?

Dec 31, 2016

Hi Ryan, I think you are on the right track. There is a Trees.Defect field that is meant to hold a defect that is applied to the whole tree. If you enter a value (direct database stores it as a fraction: .2 = 20%) then that defect will be applied in addition to any log level defects to get net volumes from gross volumes. But this applies to the whole tree, not just a broken top. It’s tempting to use the IsBrokenTop flag to single that the defect be assumed from a broken top. But the IsBrokenTop flag is currently used to trigger estimation of the missing heights for volume of non broken sections. It’s probably better to add a defect type field to store a user defined type of defect as I think you are saying. It wouldn’t trigger any special processing but could be used to export to FORSEE better. Assisi however will still apply the defect to the whole tree as it does now unless a broken top height is entered explicitly. Rich

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