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Jun 15, 2017

SQL Server for local installation

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We will be running Assisi locally on my PC in order to get the best performance.  You said that we can run this in SQL...will SQL Server Express suffice or is that too limited in its functionality to give us the benefits we're trying to get?

Jun 15, 2017


Hi Paul,

SQL Server Express is fine.  It’s has mostly a full SQL Server feature set, but with database size limited to 10 GB.  My bet is your database will have a maximum of 1 GB with a fully compiled and expanded inventory.  If you start simulating long term plans, then it could get into the multiple GBs.  SQL Express is pretty much perfect for single users wanting a more robust database than MS Access.

For your PC, the most important thing is CPU and SSD speed.  If you partition the SSD into System and Data partitions, then I’d make System 128 GB and the rest Data.

Good luck with the new PC.  It’s always exciting to get an upgrade!


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