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Dec 30, 2016

ORGANON Major Species and Hardwood Volume


Good Morning, As I work my way through ASSISI I keep coming up with questions about the compile procedure and the subsequent results. 1) I get an error message that Organon needs a DF,GF,WH to compile a stand. This stand was a pure hardwood type. When I added a DF in to the plots and re-compiled it ran without an error. If the need for a DF, or GF, or WH is a Organon requirement is there any way to get around it? Or do I have to add a DF to each hardwood stand? 2) I have compiled several hardwood stands or stands with a hardwood component and find that I get cubic foot volume but I never get board foot volume. I checked the calibrations/species under Red Alder, Big leaf maple, actually all hardwoods and found that nothing is set for Board foot volume equations. I was under the assumption that Board Foot hardwood volumes were a part of Organon. Is that a correct assumption or is that something I have to add? More to come Fred


Dec 30, 2016

1) The only version of ORGANON that allows pure hardwood stands is the red alder plantation version (RAP-ORGANON) because this is the only hardwood species with site index and dominant height equations and the only species that had data sets from pure hardwood stands. The remaining hardwood species in ORGANON came mostly from stands that were predominately conifer in composition. 2) The ORGANON board foot volume estimates are calculated using taper equations and when the model was developed there were no taper equations available for hardwood species. Therefore, there are no ORGANON board foot equations for hardwood species. Perhaps there are other equations that could be incorporated into the ASSISI software.

Dec 30, 2016

Hi Fred, ORGANON does require at least one tree from the list of major species. For your region (SMC or NWO) that would be at least one tree of DF, GF or WH. Now, since you are compiling rather than growing, you only need to use ORGANON if you want missing heights estimated by ORGANON. Do you have missing heights? You could use regressions rather than ORGANON as well. On question 2, Assisi does not use ORGANON for volume calculations. Options for volume calculation are set up using the Calibration Editor like you’ve found. Just change the volume settings as you need for your hardwoods. Let me know if that helps. Rich

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