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Jun 15, 2017

Import Site Species From FPS



Rich, imported all current cruises from our FPS database, compiled (with a handful of fixable issues), and now have grown.  Most grew fine, but several have ORGANON issues relating to site and no ORGANON species found.

The site error is:

Failed growth.

Growing trees.

Simulating year 2009.


Failed to grow stand '12419'.

Failed to set up ORGANON.

Site class for major species Lodgepole Pine, site index=100 not found.

Even though this stand imported a DF site from FPS, it now shows “Major Species” LP with a different site.  I assume compiler is calculating site for major species.  Had a couple of stands with this issue.  Does this mean all our imported SitePhy from FPS are overwritten if cruise has height/age trees?

Jun 15, 2017


If FPS has a SITE_PHY set, then a Species Override record for the stand should be created with its Site Index set to SITE_PHY.This is different than a stand's major species in Assisi however.  In Assisi, the major species is determined by greatest BA or is set explicitly for a stand.  I don't think the FPS import imports major species at the moment, so you have to set each stands major species by hand. Easy to do: just click the Unit and then the Stands view.  Select all the Major Species cells for all the rows you want to set and select the species in the drop down. Sounds like FPS uses SITE_PHY for major species?  IS this correct?  I will make the change. Rich

Jun 21, 2017

Rich, still confused on this as to which site is used when stand grown. For one of stands in question, table StandSpecies has the imported FPS Site_Phy as DF 70. On the Assisi inventory screen shows as primary species LP site 100. When grown, ORGANON is passed the LP site and bombs.


On the inventory screen, does not appear I can edit this data. I have not been able to find the table/field which stores the compiled majority species/site to check other stands. Two questions: 1. where is the compiled majority species and site stored and 2. which site does ORGANON use for growing




Jun 21, 2017

Assisi imports FPS SITE_PHY as a StandSpecies record so that compiling and growth has that species site index value available when compiling and growing. This is different than a stand's "Major Species" though. Major Species is the stand's species that is used to calculate the age to breast height using site classes. The StandSpecies table can store site index for many species but only one species is a major species. I think the FPS field SITE_PHY needs to be mapped directly to Assisi's Major Species as well as be stored as a site index value in the StandSpecies table. For now, just set the Major Species by hand using the Field Editor.

Major Species can also be calculated as the species with max BA. This is the case for your calibration and for this stand it is LP that has the max BA. Since this stand is to become a DF stand, it needs it Major Species set to DF by hand.

You are correct that Major Species is only editable in the Field Data Editor, not in the Inventory Editor. This is because Major Species is a really a result of either calculating, using the max BA method, or overriding the calculated value with a field observation. In this case you want to override the calculated LP to DF. So Major Species is really is a field measurement at its definition and so it is changed in the Field Data Editor.

Hope this helps!

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