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Oct 11, 2017

Handheld Progress


Wanted to give a quick update on Assisi Cruiser, our upcoming data collector.


Our prototype in PowerApps is working OK, but PowerApps has too many restrictions like meant to be online and can only share apps with members of the same computer domain. So now I am also prototyping in Xamarin: the cross platform (iOS, Android & Windows) tool of choice for most serious developers. It's going well and I should have something for others to test soon.

Send me a note if you are interested in beta testing!



Nov 22, 2017

New Update. Assisi Cruiser is now being built in Xamarin. I hit too many roadblocks with PowerApps. Perhaps in the future PowerApps will be offline and programmable, but not now. So I switched to Xamarin and haven't looked back.


The prototype is working great. It stores data in a mobile database which you email to the office with a couple clicks. At the office, you import from the database just as you do with all the other formats Assisi imports.


The mobile app is robust, reliable and I will be able to expand without limits in the future to add in field compiling and more. I am expecting a release 1Q 2018 with a beta before that.


Right now I am building an Export from Assisi Forest that fills Assisi Cruiser Cruise Designs, Calibrations, Markets and everything else one needs in the field. Selected Field Data is also exported.


The plan is be able to fully design a cruise project in Assisi with plot locations, species settings survey design, then export to Assisi Cruiser and off you go!



Jan 31, 2018

Just released version 2018.1.7 of both Assisi Forest and Assisi Cruiser.




Rest of Assisi Plot and Tree Fields. There were many other plot and tree level fields in Assisi that needed adding. I still need to add lists for many fields, but the fields are there now.


Single Plot and Single Tree Edit Forms. You can now edit a single plot or tree in addition to editing them in a grid. Right swipe a plot or tree to go to the edit forms. Left swipe deletes. I’m working with the control vender to make the grids better at swiping. Their grids want to horizontal scroll rather than swipe. I’d like to see horizontal scrolling in the headers.


Export Lists for Cruise Designs, Calibrations and Markets. There is now a settings area on the Export Tool where you list the Cruise Designs, Calibrations and Markets you want exported. Whatever is in these lists, plus whatever is found for any exported field data, will be exported to Assisi Cruiser.


Changes to Layout and Edit Fixes. There were a bunch of edit issues with the last install. I should have fixed most or all of these now.


A note about the export list settings. I have wanted for a while to use a regular formatted document for making settings. One where you can format settings, describe them and otherwise just edit the doc as you want. Similar to how Note fields are now in Assisi: plain word documents. The export lists are using this new approach. Below is an export from the Sample Database. You can edit however you want. 3 bookmarks are used to mark where exactly the lists are to export. Pretty neat huh!


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