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Dec 31, 2016

Filter and Reports

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Rich I would like to filter out certain stand components from the summaries. For instance, I have separated our trees into two subplots, one is trees 3 to 10" DBH and the other is 10" and above. If I wanted to generate a stand summary for one or the other subplot (timber vs regen/ biomass) how would I go about it? Thanks, Ryan

Dec 31, 2016

Hey Ryan, You can exclude any trees on Regen type sub plots by setting “Compile Regen Sub Plots to Summaries?” to false. This will exclude TPA, BA etc from the summary tables from which reports are made. Note that if you view the individual trees in the Inventory Editor you will still see processed regen trees. They just won’t be included on the “rollup” type summaries (by species, by stand, by DBH class, etc) from which the reports are made. The Compile Regen... option is set on the Volume view in Calibration Editor. Rich

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  • Wanted to give a quick update on Assisi Cruiser, our upcoming data collector. Our prototype in PowerApps is working OK, but PowerApps has too many restrictions like meant to be online and can only share apps with members of the same computer domain. So now I am also prototyping in Xamarin: the cross platform (iOS, Android & Windows) tool of choice for most serious developers. It's going well and I should have something for others to test soon. Send me a note if you are interested in beta testing! Rich
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  • This afternoon we are starting our seasonal inventory cruising program. Radial growth measurement. I would like a 5 year growth measurement. You have a field in Assisi for this, but I don’t see one on the spreadsheet. Just add it before the first segment call?