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Assisi Markets and Timber Valuation

Oct 01 2014

Assigning marketable value to forest products using Assisi is done using what Assisi calls, convieniently enough... Markets.  Markets in Assisi are composed of Products, Sorts and Grades.  Together they describe the amount, quality and value of different types of log volume.  Its flexible, understandable and reflects how marketing is done in the real world...

Assisi Manager Video Walkthroughs

Jan 02 2014

A year ago we made a video walk through of Assisi Manager 2012. We covered everything from cruise entry to compiling to simulation. The video was a bit long at 1/2 hour, so we've split it up into 6 parts. You can watch them here!

Assisi Version 2013.1 Released

Assisi Manager Forest Stand Simulator

With the release of version 2013.1, it's time for another post.  There are many new features in this release that deserve an in depth look.  Here are some of the bigger ones...

  • Forest Inventory Expansion
  • Growing Field Called Logs
  • Acadia Regional Growth Model
  • ORGANON Genetic Modifiers
  • ORGANON Fertilization
  • Northeast Volume Equations and Volume Tables
  • Export to FORSEE
  • Species Groups
  • Stand Simulator Tables

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